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Retired - 'Pippin' - Joyful Havanese Puppies Placed From Sea To Shining Sea!  

'Retired - Pippin'
(Retired and adopted into a happy home in 2022)


Pippin is our "chocolate parti", a very happy, go lucky, male that came from our Garbo x Toby breeding.  He is truly a joy and loves to shower me with kisses each and every time I pick him up!  He too loves to play with the others, chasing and wrestling, especially with Ziva. He has great confirmation (breed formation) and has a littermate who has several wins in the show ring!  We named him after the Lord of the Rings character, Peregrin Took a book that was a family favorite. 

 The name Peregrine means "traveler, pilgrim”.  The meaning of Peregrine, which was borne by several early saints, relates to the transitory nature of life on earth. I did like that it reminds me that we are just passing through this life and when we know Jesus, we will enter into a place of everlasting life, filled with joy and peace that He alone gives.

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Joyful Havanese Puppies
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